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Writing Prompt

It wasn't until the paper became wet that he realized he was crying. Jason was almost 30 years old and could count on one hand the number of times he'd cried. He was born and raised on the south side of town. The part of town often shown on the news, due to drugs and violence. He couldn't afford to cry. But today... today was different.

Today was the day he stood before his family and friends to declare his love for the one woman who had stood by him. The woman who was once the girl that teased him in school, because that's what girls did when they liked a boy. The woman whom he'd shared his first kiss. The woman who stood beside him when they were both 16 at his father's funeral. The woman who walked behind him across the graduation stage, because alphabetically his name was always right before hers. The woman who soon after became the mother of his son. And the woman who 5 years later held him the night his mother lost her battle against cancer.

Jasmine was always there for him. The one constant throughout Jason's whole life. He'd just watched her walk down the isle looking more beautiful than he'd ever seen. As Jason held onto his vows, tears streaming down his face he promised to always love, honor, and cherish Jasmine. And to always be her rock as she'd been for him.

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