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The Intruder

Baked chicken, Mac and cheese and green beans. My mama taught me well. I set the table for four and bring out the serving bowls.

"Jay, have you heard from mom?" I yell. My sister walks into the dining room where I am standing with a large pan of macaroni and cheese in my hands.

"She was supposed to call when they were on their way home." She says. I sit the food on the table. We hear a set of brakes squeak from outside.

"I guess she forgot." I shrug. Today is our parents anniversary. My sister and I were supposed to make them dinner but I got stuck doing all the work. We walk into the kitchen and I grab a pitcher of sweet tea from the fridge.

"Uh Layla," My sister says looking out the window by the sink, "that's dad's car."

"No dad's car is in the shop." I inform her.

"No, it's in the driveway." She responds. I sit the pitcher on the counter and join her at the window to take a look. Sure enough I see my dad's car outside.

"Why hasn't he gotten out?" I ask no one in particular.

Suddenly the house phone rings. I pick it up and check the caller ID.

"Its mom." I say looking at my sister.

"Answer it dum dum." She says to me.

"Hi mom." I say into the phone. I press the speaker button so that Jamie can hear as well.

"Hey sweetie. We're on our way home. You girls done with dinner?"

"We Who? Dad's already here." I say

"Layla, what are you talking about? Your father is sitting right next to me."

"His car is outside." Jamie chimes in.

"Who's car?" My mother asks

"Dad's car." I reply a bit annoyed.

"Sweetheart my car is in the shop." My dad says through the phone.

Jamie and I stare out the window as the tall figure exits our fathers car.

"Girls?" My mother says

"He's got a gun." Jamie whispers.

"What?" My mother asks

"Gun! Jamie get down." I yell. We both drop down to the floor with our backs against the counter.

"What is going on? Who's got a gun?" My mother asks.

"The man who just got out if dad's car." I say.

"Shit! Its him!" I hear my dad say. "Girls. Hang up and call 911. Your mother and I are on our way home. Try to stay calm and go hide. We will be..."

"Dad?" I say into the phone. "Dad!" I immediately start to press buttons on the phone but nothing seems to be working.

"Call 911." My sister yells.

"I can't the phones out." I panic. "Hand me your cell."

"It's in the den on the couch!" She yells. "Use yours!"

"It's upstairs in the bedroom charging." I look over at Jamie. "Either way we have to move." Tears begin to fill her eyes.

"I can't," She says, "I'm scared." Suddenly we hear the sound of glass shattering and Jamie wimpers. I place my index finger to my lips.

"He's at the front door." I whisper, knowing now that retrieving either of our phones is no longer an option. The den and the stairs are right by the front door. "We have to hide."

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1 Comment

Jun 04, 2018

This was a great book!! I can’t wait to see what the next book is about. I was really not wanting to finish this book cause it was so good that I was afraid that the next book wouldn’t come out when I wanted. I love it though. She is a wonderful writer!!! Thanks for allowing me to share my comment!!!!

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